Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A WW2 teacup tuesday

 Last sunday was Memorial Sunday, a day when we remember the huge sacrifice made by so many  so that those who would come after could live lives of freedom and liberty. And it was not just the soldiers fighting on the front that we remember but those that stayed behind and whose day to day life would be full of small sacrifices in order to keep the spirit strong.
As seen in this American poster, showing how holding onto your chipped teacups was even patriotic and had the 'nation's welfare at heart'!
( Do click on it to read the text, I can't seem to size it properly!)

I guess we could learn a little something from these words in our thrifty times and besides, I know that this Tea Maid has cupboards of imperfect bowls and plates I can't bear to throw out! My Chap can't understand it but now I shall just say I'm following the example of the 'Patriotic Mrs Jones' as I add another slightly chipped saucer to the collection!

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