Saturday, November 7, 2009

A cup of tea...

Makes everything better...
 Whatever the weather, shake those blues away with a cheery cup of sunshine in a pretty flowery teacup and life seems so much brighter. Tra- la-la!

And if we get a little raucous and start dancing on the cupcakes,
well who could blame us..

Kick up your heels and dance on tables!
Now doesn't that put  a flounce in your petticoats ?

Tootle pip..
Have a lovely weekend filled with tea and dancing(table not necessarily required!)

pics from here


Ingrid Lyndon said...

Looks like my kind of tea party!

my cup of tea said...

Hi! I like how everyone is watching her dance on the cupcakes, with a smile on there faces or just drinking tea (like that happens everyday!) Looks like fun to me! LOL

Lula said...

Hurrah- you're all invited to a cupcake trampling party!

What a hoot!

Lina said...

Put on your best party frock and pretty shoes, and take to the tea table.......

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