Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting to Know You........

Well I guess it's high time I introduced myself! I'll just pour myself a cup of tea and then we can sit down for a little natter.....

I'm Lina, a good friend of the lovely Lula and her partner in, well cake mixture! But we share a love of so many things from pretty vintage nik-naks found at car boot sales, to reams of pastel pink polka-dotted fabrics and a penchant for dressing up and dancing!

With my first wedding anniversary just passed, and amidst a tide of weddings and engagement announcements, it seems appropriate to tell the story of mine and Lula's meeting, whilst we were both ensconced in our own wedding plans. For those of you who are married or on the wedding path and have experienced the creative flow of wedding flavoured juices will know a friend or two, to bounce off the hundreds of ideas are worth their weight in gold. And Lula was a true find, sharing the excitement, the highs and the lows plus having the most jaw-droppingly beautiful vintage afternoon tea wedding garden party this side of 1950, for inspiration mid-way through my planning.

Picture perfect: A shot from Lula's wedding afternoon tea

And now that our weddings have long since passed, well the joy and finger tapping excitement that the words 'wedding planning' bring us is still as strong, but we can now share in our friends’ happiness, as they make their journey towards wedded bliss and look back on fond memories and the friendship our weddings forged.


Lula said...

Hurrah! Welcome to the tea room Mrs!

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