Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm late, I'm late!

Have a look at this darling White Rabbit necklace that the very clever Janine has created and is giving away over on her blog Cherished Trinkets,  pop over and leave your comment and it could be yours. Isn't that a wonderful way to start the weekend?

 Adorable, non?
And would look perfect with a waistcoat and jaunty hat- one could gaze admiringly at it in until you get a proper pocket watch.. Oh no! I have a sudden compulsion for one of those as well!
I am almost as bad as the White Rabbit when it comes to timekeeping, it just seems to slip away from me like a melting Dali Clock.. perhaps this would make all the difference!

And what excuse would I need to don an outfit like this I wonder..
The necklace would go perfectly!

Love it! From Look Book.
Tick tock- a whole site devoted to the pocket watch.

Well before I get too distracted by watches and top hats too much, where were we.. oh yes..

Janine's site is such a dreamy place to while away the time , we share a love of vintage bobbins, Alice and pygmy hedgehogs!! I am so green- she's getting a pygmy hedgehog!! I have been asking The Chap if we can get one for months now..maybe Santa will bring me one in my stocking! Look at this snuffly little thing. I would call it Mrs Tiggywinkle. She's already in a teacup, ready for me!

Have a peek at her other gorgeous Alice inspired necklaces, an afternoon tea bracelet- just the thing to jangle against your vintage teacup whilst you sip and these tea and cake earrings
(oo can I put in a request for those please, thank you, please.)

Cherished Trinkets can also be found on Etsy and lovely pictures of her work on flickr
Hurrah- we love pretty things.

Am brimming with excitement as work starts on the Golden Afternoon Tea Company  website this week, much as I love our holding page - can't wait to create some magical graphics with my super talented designers. Inspiration will be helped with lots of tea and cake, no doubt!
  I also have a mammoth bake-athon ahead of me. Will be made even more fun by my current obsession with this band and renewing my love for this smooth fella..

Do you find music whilst you bake helps the cakes? I think it fills them with all the good things.

Hope your weekend's full of singing love and blue skies.
Tootle pip!


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog. I shall keep you updated with my new arrival Andre the Hedgehog!

This blog is gorgeous I will be back! xxxx

Lula said...

Yes do, Janine! I can't wait to see more. And what a sophisticated name for him- sure he will be a great character!
Thank you ever so for your kind words too.

Lina said...

Ooo I have hedgehog envy too!

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