Sunday, November 1, 2009

late pumpkin post, vintage style!

Well Halloween has spooked it's way back into the night and it was all so quiet round our way..hardly a ghoul or a ghost to terrify us in exchange for some sweet treats and goodies, well we did have an adorable black cat and a what looked like a squished tomato! But the pumpkins were finely turned out on the doorstep casting their ooky glow, and I made some darn fine cupcakes with their insides.
Recipe to follow later

Even the pooch was admiring the pumpkins.
So even though we're a bit late for this years halloween decorations, I have been all a buzz thinking of vintage style decorations with a few pumpkins and gourds.
Lina and I were at a wedding yesterday, a bright and clear Saturday, and they were filled with russet and rich red berries and flowers.
Looking for inspiration turned up these..
 Am loving these ones covered in gold leaf...

fabulous finishes

And these vintage tins perfect for a rustic style.

from wishpot
And a soft and elegant look.

from Brides

And always Martha turns up the goods, how gorgeous is this filagree  style, would take a lot of patience though!
Would be perfect for our The Golden Afternoon Tea Company Autumn menus.


That reminds me, my pumpkins really should come in now shouldn't they?
Till next year my pretties!


Ingrid Lyndon said...

Nice! I love the vintage tins. My blog friend Nikira posted a sweet tea cup watercolor I thought you'd like:

Check it out when you get a chance!

my cup of tea said...

Hi! Wow love your pics and your header! Your blog is very nice! Thanks for visiting me, come back often!

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