Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Having your tea and drinking it

Ideally a cake should both look and taste a treat and when applying this to tea you can really not go amiss with tea from teapigs which are beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious. Both Lula and I love their peppermint tea, and I am tempted to taste their chocolate flake tea and perhaps even the chilli chai.

I also love tick tock teas, whose boxes look as though they been dusted down after hiding in a pantry for the last 50 years...

And of course once you’re ready for a brew, what better way to serve it than in a vintage china teacup


Lula said...

teapigs do the best peppermint tea ever and the Earl Grey packaging has an adorable dachsund doggy illustration! As if one that's partial to that tea would always be accompanied by the elongated hound! Love it!
And the Tick Tock looks straight out of a wartime kitchen. Wouldn't you just love a pantry?

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