Friday, October 30, 2009

marbellous cupcakes

Some marvellous Marbled cupcakes, a dollop of vanilla cake a
and a dollop of chocolate- delish.

Rippled buttercream frosting, to give a whirl of choccy and vanilla icing.

That's the way we like 'em!
Perfect as a decadent treat.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mrs Lina and her Beau

Congratulations to Mrs Lina and her chap celebrating 365 days of wedded bliss this past weekend!

What a wonderful wedding it was... she, resplendent in a vintage wedding dress and veil and he in a tailored tweed waistcoat and suit- spiffing!
All in a creaky and characterful English manor house that they took over for the weekend,
it was a perfectly tip top do!

Isn't this such a  fab shot.
Congrats honeys, may your hearts be full of light always!

Teacup Tuesday

Three teacups filled with Violas.
Sweet scented miniature pansies brightening up the day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

All aboard

Jump aboard for a hot cup of tea.
Have a peek at  these clever people at Free Tea Party, they drive a tea bus around America and serve free cups of tea bringing good cheer to the  people of California, making the world a better place through drinking tea and building a spirit of community and wellbeing. Wonderfully hippy!
Of course, we at the GATC are already aware that tea parties make everyone happy and bright, now we just need a bus and the road trips could begin!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Golden Afternoon Tea Company Saves Cinemas

On Sunday we were thrilled to be providing Afternoon Tea for a fantastic pop up cinema event in
Hither Green, South East London. The day of films was organised by the Hither Green Community Hall and Arts Society which was formed to save the historic cinema building of Hither Green and to raise awareness of the need for a cinema and community hall in the area.
We adore a lovely film so how could we resist..

 An empty warehouse was transformed as if by magic for the day and the crowds thronged to see the first cinema event in the area since 1957!

The first film was that wonderful classic and one of my absolute favourites, My Fair Lady.
Is there no finer musical? Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn... Colonel Pickering!!
 Cecil Beaton's incredible costumes in the Ascot scene and ahh, Audrey's frock that she wears to the ball- good golly makes me weak at the knees! Not to mention the heavenly songs, there was lots of silent singing behind the tea tables!

And of course, what could be more perfect than to tuck into Afternoon Tea as we tapped our feet and sang along.
Although there was not much chance to catch our breath, we were rushed off our feet with queues tailing far far back, phewie.
We couldn't pour the tea fast enough.

We even had to recruit the lovely Matt as an honorary Tea Maid!

We had a scrummy selection of cakes and we were rather carried away with the My Fair Lady theme
Luverly lemon drizzle with crystalized flowers and an enormous chocolate and violet heart shaped cake.
We had lots of apple cakes, thanks to a bountiful amount of cooking apples from a Kent orchard,
an apple and vanilla sponge, apple raisin and walnut cupcakes and a gooey and gorgeous apple and blackberry cake.

Lina made her fabulous lemon and poppyseed cupcakes and don't forget the scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.
It was all demolished before we even had a chance to take some pics to show.
So here are the best we could get, most of the cakes had been snaffled up!


How perfectly civilized for a Sunday afternoon!
People kept coming back for more and one was even overheard saying this was the most delicious cake he had eaten in his whole life.. We like that lots.

Thanks to everyone who came and the team who worked so hard and organised such a fantastic day, let's hope it's the first of many!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our theme tune.

Without doubt, this is it..
The theme song for the Golden Afternoon Tea Company and of course it comes from, where else but Alice in Wonderland! The book and the glorious Disney film has to be one of our biggest loves in the whole wide world, as you will soon realise.. Not only the inspiration for our little company of Tea but this is the sweetest song - if only all the flowers could sing like this!

Introductions- The Tea Maids

How rude of me.. of course, you're probably wondering who we are.

I am Lula, the founder of The Golden Afternoon Tea Company and my darling partner in cake,
Lina, will be along in just a while to introduce herself.
Together we are the Tea Maids and we spend our time dreaming of tea and cake, flowers and birds, floral dresses and mad hats. We love creating magical tea parties under blue skies, or even slightly cloudy skies, for birthdays,weddings, bridal showers, in fact all kinds of special celebrations or just because tea tastes so much better in a china teacup.

Creating cakes and arranging flowers in teapots are just a couple of my favourite things. We're sure to be filling the Golden Afternoon Tea Room with musings on scrumptious recipes, discoveries of vintage finds, ponderings on fabulous dresses and of course all our adventures as we bring a touch of Wonderland to some fantastical tea parties.

An early Lula and Lina tea party!
(here for picture)

Well, one lump or two..

Ah there you are..welcome to the Golden Afternoon Tea Room, now sit yourself down
and I'll pour you a cup.. slice of lemon or sugar lumps for you?

I hope you'll stay for a refill and follow our tales of vintage teacups and delicious cakes. This is the place to share our love of all this and more.
With stories about The Golden Afternoon Tea Company and our love of afternoon tea,
it really is the finest time of day.

Now where did I put the cake slice..