Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introductions- The Tea Maids

How rude of me.. of course, you're probably wondering who we are.

I am Lula, the founder of The Golden Afternoon Tea Company and my darling partner in cake,
Lina, will be along in just a while to introduce herself.
Together we are the Tea Maids and we spend our time dreaming of tea and cake, flowers and birds, floral dresses and mad hats. We love creating magical tea parties under blue skies, or even slightly cloudy skies, for birthdays,weddings, bridal showers, in fact all kinds of special celebrations or just because tea tastes so much better in a china teacup.

Creating cakes and arranging flowers in teapots are just a couple of my favourite things. We're sure to be filling the Golden Afternoon Tea Room with musings on scrumptious recipes, discoveries of vintage finds, ponderings on fabulous dresses and of course all our adventures as we bring a touch of Wonderland to some fantastical tea parties.

An early Lula and Lina tea party!
(here for picture)


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