Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holy Moly! I can barely contain myself...........

The marvel that is Tim Burton has taken the marvellous Alice in Wonderland and created a film that is sure to be a veritable feast for the eyes!

Quick quick take a look-see

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

I won't be late for this very important date!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Va-va voom- Vintage dress delight!

It is one of my biggest disappointments not to have lived in the era of swishy starched petticoats and nipped in waists,  all those fabulous dresses and elegant styles influenced by Christian Dior's New Look.  Oh I can see it now- a divine floral frock, an elegant gloved hand and a long black cigarette holder as I took my seat in a Lyon's Tea Room.  Wouldn't that be heaven?
Unfortunately I was born too late for the age of glamour and whilst I know there are distinct advantages to this day and age (having all my fave songs on one teeny tiny rectangle is a marvel!) if a time machine were to suddenly appear in the back garden; I know where I would be headed, waving my raspberry velvet hat as I went.
One of my absolute favourite things is discovering a new vintage clothing website, sighing over all the jewels that lie within, I dream about which ones I would snap up and where one could wear them . I was overwhelmed with all the stunners found on Vava Vintage , she certainly has found some beauties!

Isn't this one a dream? Adore the wonderful blousy roses print and the sage green cummerband sash. Even more splendid by seeing the original adverts.. Oh to be a Lady of the Rosebuds.

Would make a perfect wedding dress for an 50/ 60's style garden wedding. In this original picture you can see that distinctive shape of the skirt.. along with the model's doe-eyed expression- it's so 60's isn't it!
Top of the wish list, please!
Would love to waft around sipping tea in this frilly number also.. so many beautiful dresses- so little time.

The print is just so charming and summery

Golly, a girl would need a team of husbands to wear all these super cute numbers.


And not to mention all the fabby party dresses, where did I put my chequebook..

Would it be greedy to want them all?

All found on Va Va Vintage- go feast your eyes and tell me your favourite.
And if you happen to purchase one- do let me know so I can drool over the lovely dress with you.