Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine Encounter

If you find yourself at a loose end this Valentine's Eve and fancy a trip back in time, come join us for tea and cake and an evening watching a terribly,terribly romantic film; a tale of unrequited love, station tea rooms, stolen glances and copious amounts of tea -  Brief Encounter of course darling!
We will be providing the tea and cakes for the first Hither Green Cinema event of 2010 taking place at The Station Pub, Hither Green in  South East London and we are so very busy preparing lots of scrumptious goodies. Loveheart cupcakes and our devilishly delish Choc and raspberry cupcakes and lots of heart - shaped cakes will no doubt be making an appearance.

The last event was a rip-roaring success- we were practially knocked down in the stampede for the cakes!

A classic weepie, Brief Encounter was made in 1945 directed by David Lean and stars Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, falling in love but unable to leave their respective marriages and humdrum lives..  it is the most perfect film to watch whilst nibbling on cakes and sipping tea, as the scenes where they meet and then when they part take place in the Station tea room.

Brief Encounter was filmed in Carnforth Station Lancashire and the tea room where it was filmed has recently been reopened and restored so it looks just as it did in the film. You can go and be part of your own Brief Encounter.. just don't be getting anything in your eye!

And it is all so terribly English, I hope we shall all be speaking in cut glass tones by the end of it.
Or at least like this wonderful Victoria Wood parody.. what a hoot!


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