Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And if you're going to propose..

on St Valentine's day-
do it with a dish towel in the words of Mr Darcy, how could you go wrong?
That's the way to help with the washing up!

From Etsy seller Brookish 
Or sip your coffee from these fab mugs
For literary lovers, decorate with Pride and Prejudice bunting

All the items they have for sale are so charming.
I would be most delighted if the postman bought me one of these cards. With words from Midsummer's Night Dream and the vintage wedding picture
it couldn't be any sweeter.

Have a peek at her blog for more whimsical and wordy things.
That last picture has set off a song in my head-  ever have that? 
Occasionally the chap and I quite like to listen to the music of today, it's not all Noel Coward and Musicals, you know...
We have been known to dance around the kitchen to this one, by The Drums singing our lungs out.
Most tricky not to hyperventilate with the
Hahahaha- Heart bit.


nellieandelsie said...

Thank You so much for featuring my work!
I LOVE that tea-towel by Brookish, so lovely.
Things are always setting off songs in my head, 'a song for every occasion' my Mum always says! Hehe! Anyhoo...
Thank You again! I shall be pooping back, your blog is lovely.


Lula said...

Thanks jess, love your mum's expression- very true!

hope you won't be pooping back to much!! teehee(sniggering behind my hand)- sorry couldn't resist!

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