Monday, February 8, 2010

cup of love

Fill your heart with love and tea.
Valentine's Day tea time to pour love for those you love,

with tea made from rosebuds in a clear glass teapot.
Sweetly fragrant and so romantic.
Rosebud tea is also packed with vitamin C so good for fighting off those February sniffles.
We adore it at the Golden Afternoon Tea Company, you can't help but be filled with joy and love as you sip!
Have you tried 
a sumptous blend of rose,chamomile and lavender.
Described as
'Roses and lavender the fragrant symbols of love
with Elderflowers, marigolds, limeflowers and chamomile to relax your emotional heart'
Gosh, I feel more relaxed just reading that! 
Served in a rose painted vintage teacup, that's how to spoil yourself this Valentine's Day.
Oh and your best beloved too!

May all your kisses be rose flavoured.

Tootle pip


H said...

That tea sounds fabulous! And all the more lovely for the pink box... x

Lula said...

isn't it cute one must choose tea by how pretty the box is ;)
Only just noticed the pattern ahs women in an odd winding shape though- rather peculiar in a Tales of the Unexpected way!
But the tea is yum

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