Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes

Isn't it the most glorious thing to wake up and find the world transformed by a blanket of snow? So magical, through the War Drobe in Spare Oom and we find ourselves in Narnia!

The light becomes brilliantly bright and the humdrum sounds of the city are replaced with a heavenly stillness.
From our house in the trees, the view across the park is like peering over clouds and being surrounded by vistas of sparkly white fills me with inspiration for winter tea party ideas, full of snow white flowers and snowflakes.
Not so much a Golden Afternoon but a dreamy Silvery one instead!

An all white palette; refreshing,simple and elegant.
Glass candlesticks, mercury silvered glass, flickering light and vintage lace tablecloths, linen napkins and lots of flowers!

country living of course!

You can use flowers and foliage to create a magical setting so effectively,
  like paper thin Honesty seed heads, very seasonal too!


We had tables of pure white roses and silvery eucalyptus for a Christmas tea party .. I couldn't resist some fluffy pussy willow at the flower market and pounced on it like the cat that got the cream!

 Am such a fan of Gypsophilia used in large bunches. Otherwise known as baby's breath,
try to find the one that has the larger flower heads for a better effect..
It really does look like falling snow in this picture.




A simple way to decorate your place setting, a single snowflake shaped chrysanthemum, would look sweet in a teacup.

Or hang vintage chandelier pendants from sprayed branches to catch the light

And for a really opulent party these glittery crystal trees would put a twinkle in your eye..

 here and here

For a more vintage snowflake look, I adore these ideas with lace doilies and placemats.

 They are plentiful in charity shops and good ol' ebay and look fab with mismatched teacups and china.

They can be used to create snowflake patterns as a table runner.

And you must remember happily snipping away to create paper snowflakes when you were little? Hours of fun and what a good way of occupying the troops on a 'snow day' when they tire of tobogganing.. with a mug of steaming hot choccy, what a lovely way to while away the afternoon!
You can find a fantastic tutorial to create a snowflake curtain by Lupin on her blog Bugs and Fishes

Or use your fabric ones to create a curtain, they often need a good soak in bleach to restore their brightness and then starched. See here for the how to.

Or use this idea and stitch to red velvet ribbon to create snowflake bunting and suspend across doorways or above your party table.

And wouldn't these be the most perfect invitations to send out for your snowy day? From the masters of delicate paper designs, Chartula. Oh they take my frosty breath away!

Right off for that hot chocolate to warm me up!

Tootle pip!
Lula x


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