Monday, January 18, 2010

Delicious cupcakes for a lovely twosome

A few weeks ago we were delighted to be providing the wedding cupcakes and flowers for two very lovely lovebirds. A long awaited wedding of International variety as reflected in their preference for cupcakes. .. she requested Lavender, and he being a very very tall man of Dutch persuasion didn't mind as long as it was orange! So scrumptiously moist Choccy Orange cupcakes were the match.
We couldn't resist popping in some Vanilla ones with pale pink icing to complement the colours of the flowers.
The flowers were delicate pink spray roses, white tulips, pink avalanche roses and for a splash of that Dutch orange, Cherry Brandy roses. This is a glorious sunset of a rose, the outer petals fading to a gentler shade so it's almost two tone.. we loved it,no kia-ora orange here!

The reception was held in a community hall that was transformed into a winter magic land of wedding with acres of parachute silk and fairy lights and the most giantest big balloon you've ever seen.. apparently one of the relatives blew it up the night before- imagine! must have had lungs of steel.

If you need a space transforming in the London area, drop us a line and we can put you in touch with the clever chap.

It was all go, but made even more fun by the chance to don my feathery chapeau and my red dancing shoes.


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