Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Big Top Tea Room.

On the 10th of July do come along to the Lewisham People's Day and you will find the Golden Afternoon Tea Company doing what we do best in the Big Top Tea Room. As part of Lewisham borough's biggest festival, we will be serving delish homemade cakes and tea in our vintage teacups to the crowds.

There will be jiving,tangoing, ukeleleying and allsorts going on in the tea room big top, with Spitfire Bounce taking care of the 1940's swing dancing, the Brockley ukelele orchestra and I can't wait to see The Cockney Awkestra , they have human coconut shys and mass knees up to Mother Brown. Seriously just how much fun can there be under one tent?

 We'll be there in our retro aprons, teapots at the ready, there will even be a couple of  Nippies, as if they've come straight out of a Lyons Tea House!

Come along and say hello, there will be so much to do with 3 other stages and a flashmob dance to
Walking on Sunshine with Katrina and the Waves.  And if that doesn't deserve a slice of cake, I don't know what does!

Have a look here for all the info about how to find it plus it's absolutely free!


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

ooh as we're about to move very very near to Lewisham I love hearing about what's going on. Alas this year we're busy - but another time...

Domestic Bliss said...

Wish I could have been there ... looks like lots of fun. Lisa

Redford said...

When is the next big bop tea room? It looks a little more fun than my tea at The Ritz outing. An experience to say the least but not my type of event. Big bop tea room looks like my kind of tea party.

martienna said...

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Stress24 said...

I went to last years People day and really enjoyed my afternoon tea in London. I will definitely be going again this year

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