Thursday, June 24, 2010

peonies and patriotism

Can you believe I bought these gorgeous peonies in Ikea?  You never would, would you?

There were sulks round Farley Mansions as I had so far managed to have gone peonie-less in the very short peony season but hurrah, on a trip to Ikea to stock up on bottles for elderflower cordial, there they were.. and reduced to 50p a bunch. Most were overblown or rotten but with eagle eyes I found four bunches of gorgeousness. Bargain? I think so..  They were called Blomma which I imagine in Ikea language means bloom!

Did you watch the match? We had a world cup tea of cheese and chive muffins and cake for second half, no sucking oranges at half time though, just a couple of g and t's to steady the nerves.

I couldn't take the strain, so had busied myself making England football world cupcakes- and what is the best suited to the team colours- Red Velvet of course, patriotic eh?

Seemed to do the trick anyway, may the football madness continue a pace. Shall I send a care package to South Africa?


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Shush, don't tell anyone up here in Scotland but I watched the game on my own for the better part (boys came home during) and I wanted England to secret info mind!!
Those cakes look delish!!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Do share your red velvet recipe, and specifically the red colouring you used. I tried the Hummingbird Bakery one and it just wasn't quite right. Yours look delicious.

Lula said...

Thanks my dears, it is actually the red velvet from Hummingbird book! And I used up the red colouring I had so a mixture of the liquid dr oetker and sainsbury's own, although usually I don't add so much as they specify as it seems such a huge amount, but it was about a tablespoon and a half of the stuff. Will message you also in case you don't see this and my red hot tips ;)

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

aaah thank you Lula although having had a slight disaster with their lemon and poppy seed cake at the weekend I may be using other recipe books for baking until I re-gain confidence in them.

Anonymous said...

Blomma in Swedish is Flower or can also mean 'to bloom' (the verb)

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