Thursday, May 6, 2010

Votes and tea

It's been a beautiful day in London town, gloriously sunny and warm and as I'm sure you all know there's hopefully been a whole lot of voting going on. Regardless of which colour you prefer, it's so important for a girl to vote, you know. An awful lot went on to bring us to this point and don't you think many many cups of tea were drunk during those suffrage meetings?
Maybe they would have had a teapot like this..

 A spirited poster from 1909

Even Kellog's Cornflakes did their part. The cereal of suffrage!

 Here's a stamp designed in 1968 commissioned to mark the fiftieth anniversary of votes for women. Unfortunately the stamp was never made, would have been lovely to collect that one.

So don't forget now! You can even sing along to this wonderful song from Mary Poppins as you go..
' Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stuuupid'  T'riffic!


Colette said...
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Colette said...

Lovely images, it's so easy to take 'the vote' for granted these days, no matter how disillusioned we may feel, it's so important that we use it and make our voices heard.

We went to vote early this morning and had a very interesting conversations with our 4 year old about politicians, her conclusion - she'd like to invite them all round for tea and to play house. If only life we so simple... x

oops - sorry about the other post!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Here Here!
ps That teapot is just fantastic - the stories, discussions, gossip it must have heard.

Lula said...

Ah Colette, how sweet of your daughter! Although I'm not sure I would want to be serving the scones for that! Maybe we could make them all go and sit in the naughty corner.

Too right JHD(if you don't mind the abbreviations!) if teapots could talk!

Colette said...

Ha Ha! Politicians in the naughty corner - just perfect!
Maybe that option should have been on the ballot papers.

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