Sunday, May 9, 2010

One fine day

Haven't you been in raptures with the burst of pink cherry blossom lining the street this last week? Clouds of pink and the breeze carrying confetti.
A few days ago I  discovered a perfect spot for a cherry blossom tea party under an arbour of three trees whose branches filled the sky and we have some gorgeous photos to share with you very soon. It was gasp-makingly beautiful!

I thought I would dig out some of my favourite vintage cherry blossom finds.
This vintage tea set is by JG Meakin and is decorated with pink blossom and birds, mountains and bridges.

The design is called One Fine Day, after the aria from Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, which was set in Japan and written when the obsession with Japanese and Exoticism was at it's height. Have a listen, it's such a romantic pieces of music.

This influence is apparent in the design and dates from the 1950's, the curved cherry blossom branches sweep gracefully round the curve of the plates and saucers, and the oval sandwich plate and shape of the milk jug are so distinctive.

There are even two birds inside the cup and  swooping off the edge. Love a teacup with birds, don't you?

I've been filling pots and window boxes with these pretty violas, and they are the perfect size for popping on cupcakes!

This Cherry blossom watercolour is one of my favourite finds, found at a car boot fair a couple of years ago, it still has the date it was framed on the back- 1945 in a printing shop in Dartford.

Enjoy the blossom, our wedding present cherry tree is fading fast. In a few days all we'll have left is the pink petal snow.


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

oh hurrah hurray for cherry blossom. Being a bit fickle I'm now very excited about peonies - I bought my first peonly posy of the season on Friday.

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

All those photos of cherry blossoms......a feast for the eyes!

Savoir Weddings said...

That crockery is so divine! I LOVE the pastel shades.

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