Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Camelias, blue skies and tea..

Isn't it fabulous? The skies are blue and the light is gloriously clear. And it must be spring because I've just had to rescue the first bumble bee that has found it's way inside.
Soon I'll be heading off to enjoy afternoon tea at Beas Of Bloomsbury and despite the chap being missing on stag weekend action, how can you resist the joys of spring to lift your heart?
Finally the world has some colour again and have just been watching a robin build it's nest in our teeny tiny garden.
I picked these camelias from my Granny's garden, and found the duck egg blue vase when from a flea market in Totnes, I love the Art Deco shape. It's by the Candy Pottery studios apparently.

The frills are so perfect! 

Right must fly!
Have a glorious weekend,my dears, full of colour and light!


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Oh my gosh I just had to comment today as well. I had part of my Hen Party at Beas. They were utterly fantastic. We had it all to ourselves and my dear friends added peonies, pink fizz and music. The food was delicious and we left with goodie bags and very full tummies! Will you mooch along Lambs Conduit Street afterwards?

Lula said...

Oh that sounds just heaven! What wonderful additions in the peonies and pink fizz too. Just home and am stuffed with cakes and scones was very self-sacrificing and donated my cake boxes to others! But my favourite thing was actually the raspberry jam, which I could have easliy eaten by the spoonful!!
I have only recently discovered LCS, I pointed it out to the girls as we passed, must go there soon as I need a fresh supply of persephone books!

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