Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lula Talks Tea!

Not content with our TV debut last week, Lula has become a one band publicity super woman…….on Saturday she spoke to Vanessa Feltz on Radio London, discussing alternative hen party ideas and how a vintage afternoon tea is the refined antidote for those averse to ‘L’ plates and too many tequila shots.

There’s still a chance to listen again.... (about 36 minutes in)

So if you have found your way to The Golden Afternoon Tea Company from Lula’s conversation with Vanessa, welcome to the Tea Room!


George's Mum said...


Wow- you came accross really well. Lots of good details and she said 'Golden Afternoon Tea Company' about a billion times!! I hope you get lots of interest from it.

I did actually call you today so that unknown number ending...431 was me!!! I would love to talk to you about collaborating for a charity party for Great Ormond Street. My email is on my blog so if you wouldn't mind contacting me I would love to talk to you. (the email link on your website doesn't work for me!)
Also, you have a little typo in your name on the bottom of your webpage (sorry to tell that you here but I might forget to tell you!)

Hopefully, speak to you soon. Anna x

Lina said...

Hi Anna,

Lula is a star isn't she? We've already had a few inquiries.......eeek!

Lula is in the depths of Devon at the moment so I'm imagining her phone reception might be a bit hit and miss, but she will be back on Saturday so will definitely be in contact then if not before.

We would love to do a collaboration with you for such a fantastic charity - how very exciting, you put a big smile on my face on a rainy afternoon :)

O and feel free to proof read away..... xx

Thanks Lina

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