Saturday, October 24, 2009

All aboard

Jump aboard for a hot cup of tea.
Have a peek at  these clever people at Free Tea Party, they drive a tea bus around America and serve free cups of tea bringing good cheer to the  people of California, making the world a better place through drinking tea and building a spirit of community and wellbeing. Wonderfully hippy!
Of course, we at the GATC are already aware that tea parties make everyone happy and bright, now we just need a bus and the road trips could begin!


Lina said...

What a wonderful idea.......quenching the thirst of the masses! Could we not hit the road in Beryl?

Lula said...

of course! Beryl would be perfick. And have the urge for a vintage ice-cream van to wend our way along the country roads!

(Beryl is our VW campervan)

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